Rear Wiper & Reverse Gear | Cruise Control | Hill Start Assist | Multifunction Steering Wheel | Heated Wing Mirrors | Wing Mirror Sync.

Rear Wiper & Reverse Gear<

This feature enabled the rear wipers when the car is moved to reverse gear, but only if the rear wipers are active. If you have a rain sensor installed the rear wiper will be activated in the case of if the rain sensor is enabled or not.

This feature fits all A3 8P model. The feature can be enabled/disabled in the D.I.S. menu if you have the Comfort Menu activated. Activate the Comfort Menu.


1. 09-Cent. Elect.
2. Coding - 07
3. Long Coding Helper
4. Byte 01
5. Deactivate Bit 7

Cruise Control

This will enble the cruise control on your A3 8P car.

This feature requires that you have the cruise control stalk installed. Read more here.


Coding of Cruise Control Stalk
1. 16-Steering wheel
2. Coding - 07
3. xxx?x: MFA/GRA

0 = no Board Computer, no Cruise Control
1 = Board Computer, no Cruise Control
2 = no Board Computer, Cruise Control
4 = Board Computer, Cruise Control

Coding the egine control
1. 01-Engine
2. Coding II - 11
3. Password: 11463

After this coding change, the car needs to be off for 10 minutes for the changes to take effect.

Below coding is only requires for some model years, I am unfortunately not sure which and where the coding should be done.

4. Coding - 07
5. Long Coding Helper
6. Byte 5
7. Enable Bit 5
8. Deactivate Bit 6

Hill Start Assist

Here is the option for enabling Hill Start Assist on your A3 8P model, however only from 2010 and later. The features is coding in the ABS unit.


1. 03-ABS Brakes
2. Coding - 07
3. Long Coding Helper
4. Byte 16
5. Enable Bit 0

6. Adaptation - 10
7. Channel 58 (Hill Hold Control)

0 = Hill Hold Control "normal"
1 = Hill Hold Control "early" (activates at low speed)
2 = Hill Hold Control "late" (activates at higher speed and sliding clutch, for instance trailers)

Multifunction Steering Wheel

Enable Multifunction Steering Wheel. This feature fits all Audi A3 8P models.

This feature of course requires an installed multifunction steering wheel. Read more here


1. 16-Steering wheel
2. Coding - 07
3. x?xxx: Steering Wheel

0 = 3-Spoke, w/o Tiptronic, w/o Multi-Function
1 = 3-Spoke, with Tiptronic, w/o Multi-Function
2 = 4-Spoke Multi-Function (with Radio Control)
3 = 4-Spoke Multi-Function (with Radio/Telephone Control)
4 = 4-Spoke Multi-Function (with Radio/Telephone/Voice Control)

Heated Wing Mirrors

This feature enables the heating in your wing mirrors.

If you do not have heated mirrors installed, this do require new mirrors. Read more here.


It is the same coding that is requires for both right and left door module. As you can see on the picture, you can easily calculate to see which other features you have activated already. In my case it is 5-Door chassis + Mirror Heater Installed + Automatic Run Active = 176.

1. 42-Door Elect , Driver
2. Coding - 07
3. Add the value +32
(Example: If the value is 0131220 it should be changed to til 0131252)

4. 52-Door Elect , Pass.
5. Coding - 07
6. Add the value +32
(Example: If the value is 0131220 it should be changed to til 0131252)

Wing Mirrors Sync.

This feature will enable synchronization of your wing mirrors. If you change the mirror in the drivers side, the passengers side will automatically do the same changes.

This coding options fits for A3 8P models between 2003 and 2010.


1. 46-Central Conv.
2. Coding - 07
3. Long Coding Helper
4. Byte 11
5. Enable Bit 6

Looking at where most of my information is found, they say it should be under Byte 9.