Fog Lights

Created by Fredrik Andersen - Thursday, Februar 26 2015, 10:53:29

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Hatchback (2003 - 2008)
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2004 - 2008)


To be honest, fog lights is not the most important thing in the world, however it do look awesome on the car and it do have some sort of status. I also do love the cornering lights.


2-3 hours

Installation & Guide

The installation was done by (Denmark)

Well, I did not install the fog lights myself, but if anyone wants to give it a try I found the below guides and converted.

Fog Lights
Below guides is created by another unknown person and I simply converted it into my own format.

- Open Guide

Light Switch
Here is a video tutorial of how to remove the light switch.

Cornering Lights
You can find the code to enable cornering lights here:

Parts Purchase

I decided to purchase the light switch and BCM (Body Control Module) as second hand. The fog lights kit was purchased from (Denmark) where both fog lights, surroundings, cables, bulbs and screws were included.

Body Control Module
All "Highend" modules supports fog lights.
8P0-907-279: 17 Byte (Basis)
8P0-907-279-A: 17 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-B: 21 Byte (Basis)
8P0-907-279-C: 21 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-D: 17 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-E: 23 Byte (Basis)
8P0-907-279-F: 23 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-H: 24 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-J: 30 Byte (Basis)
8P0-907-279-K: 30 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-L: 30 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-M: 30 Byte (Basis)
8P0-907-279-N: 30 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-P: 30 Byte (Highend)
8P0-907-279-Q: 30 Byte (Highend)

Be aware that it is not an easy swap with the BCM. I had a 30 byte basis module myself and changed it to a 30 byte highend module.

Light Switch
Was purchased at Bildelsbasen (Sweden), but you can also find it at ebay, etc.

Please do compare with your present light switch and be aware that it should be 100% the same except for the extra fog light icon. So you cannot be sure that the same part number I used fits your car.

Fog Light Kit
I purchased the entire kit from (Denmark). I believe they purchase from kufatec anyways.


Well, there is not that much to say about the usage.

1) You turn the switch all the way to the right (same place as the interior lights powers on)
2) Pull it out once and the front fog lights will power on.
3) Pull it out twice and the rear fog lights will power on.

Part numbers + Price

Description New Parts Original Parts Price Links
Fog Light - right 8P0 941 700 A --------------- 402 € Cartrends
Fog Light - left 8P0 941 699 A --------------- -
Surrounding - right 8P4 807 682 B 8P4 807 681 A -
Surrounding - left 8P4 807 681 B 8P4 807 682 A -
Cable Kit --------------- --------------- -
Light Switch 8P1 941 531 Q 8P1 919 094 52 € Bildelsbasen
Body Control Module (BCM) 8P0 907 279 K 8P0 907 279 J 110 € ebay
Total Price 564 €
The above price is including shipping but not installation costs.