Created by Fredrik Andersen - Monday, March 3 2014, 17:17:21

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Hatchback (2003 - 2013)
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2004 - 2013)


This was my first retrofit after purchasing my Audi A3 8P Sportback. Already before I picked up the car I knew where to purchase the RNS-E and how to install it.

I love the 2x SD Card option, the Navigation and features - but all in all the interior of the car just looks much more exclusive.


30 minutes

With the correct tools this retrofit only takes a couple of minutes. I do recommend purchasing the special keys for removing the stereo. See under "Other -> Recommended Tools".

Installation & Guide

When I recieved my RNS-E it was pre-coded from seller. He coded it for A3 so it was actually just plug & play. Usually you however will need to code it using VCDS.

See guide below
1. Place the keys in the 4 wholes highlighted on the picture.

2. Once the keys are in and clicked, pull them out and the radio will follow.
3. Remove the keys again. This is done by pressing the small metal piece on the side of the radio.
4. Remove the cables/plugs connected at the back of the radio. (Radio antenna + quad-lock)

5. Install the GPS antenna behing the radio. There was a small shelf where I positioned mine.

6. Connect the antenna and quad-lock cables to the back of the RNS-E and push it into place.


Here is the coding steps.
1. 37-Navigation
2. Coding - 07
3. Insert below inputs matching your car

0?xxxxx: Model
1 = Lamborghini
2 = Audi A3 (8P)
3 = Audi A4 (8E)
4 = Audi A4 Cabriolet (8H)
5 = Audi A6 (4B)
6 = Audi TT (8J)
7 = Audi R8 (42)

0x?xxxx: Treble Speaker Diagnosis / Optical Parking Aid
+1 = Front Treble Speaker Diagnosis inactive
+2 = Optical Parking Aid installed/active

0xx?xxx: Sound Characteristic
0 = Sound Characteristic linear
1 = Audi A4 (8E)
2 = Audi A6 (4B)
3 = Audi A4 Cabriolet (8H)
4 = Audi TT (8J)
5 = Audi A3 (8P)
9 = Sound System

0xxx?xx: Telephone Preparation
1 = Telephone Preparation NOT installed
2 = Telephone Preparation without Comfort Functionality
3 = Telephone Preparation (Aftermarket Retrofit)
4 = Base Plate (Nokia - Remote Feed Voltage for Microphone inactive)
5 = Telematic Europa (Remote Feed Voltage for Microphone inactive)
6 = Telephone Preparation for North American Region (NAR)
7 = Telephone Preparation with Comfort Functionality

0xxxx?x: Equipment I
+1 = Standard/Basic Value - Add to the Sum of Options below
+1 = Audi Music Interface (AMI/PR-UF7) installed
+2 = Satellite Radio (SIRIUS/XM) installed
+4 = Analog Input (AUX/PR-UF0/UF1/UF2) installed

0xxxxx?: Equipment II
+1 = Standard/Basic Value - Add to the Sum of Options below
+1 = TV-Tuner (PR-QV1/QV9) installed
+2 = CD-Changer or iPod/USB-Interface (PR-7A2/7A5/UF1/UF2) installed
+4 = Multi-Function-Steering Wheel (MFSW) installed

My coding looks like this: 0215755

- Other coding options for RNS-E


Unfortunately I can only find an old manual from 2004.
(I do however got the latest manual at home)

If you need a later manual you will need to purchase it from ebay, Audi, etc.
See pictures of the different features here:

Part numbers + Price

Description New Parts Original Parts Price
RNS-E 8P0 035 193 G 8P0 035 152 C BVX 600 €
GPS Antenna ? --------------- -
2013 Navigation (DVD 2/2) 8P0 919 884 BK --------------- -
Keys for removing radio --------------- --------------- 20 €
Total Price     620 €
Both the GPS antenna and the 2013 Navigation DVD (2/2) was included in the purchase of the RNS-E.
The G version RNS-E is with latest software and LED screen.