Rims & Center Caps

Created by Fredrik Andersen - Tuesday, April 2 2014, 10:08:22
Updated by Fredrik Andersen - Monday, May 16 2016, 11:56:18

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Hatchback (2003 - 2013)
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2004 - 2013)


I have always loved the RS4 design so I purchased some 2nd hand replica rims but I can now confirm that I love comfort more than nice design.

You can find specific wheel sizes for your car here: http://www.wheel-size.com/size/audi/a3/2009/

OEM Rims

Rims + Tires purchased as 2nd hand after the other OEM rims were stolen.

Part Number: 8V0 601 025
Diameter: 17"
Bolt Pattern: 5x112
ET: 51
Tire: Pirelli Tire Size: 225x45 R17

Status: Installed

OEM Rims

Rims + Tires came with the car.

Part Number: 8P0 601 025 BF
Diameter: 17"
Bolt Pattern: 5x112
ET: 56
Tire: Continental Sport Contact 5 Tire Size: 225x45 R17

Status: Stolen!

RS4 Rims & Tires

Rims + Tires was found on DBA.dk (Denmark) and I collected them myself..

Diameter: 18"
Bolt Pattern: 5x112
ET: 45
Tires: 225x40 R18

Status: Sold

At the left side passenger side the rims constantly had conect with the cars wheelhouse. Some people on different forums have menitoned that it is caused by a bolt or something which gives issues with ET45.

Center Caps

There exists a bunch of different center caps. Remember to measure the whole on the rim before ordering. The first one I received did not fit at all.

You can find multiple colors and rim specific center caps here: Partsbase

As an example, the above link tells me that I need the center caps with part number 4B0 601 170 A for my 17" original rims with part number: 8P0 601 025 BF.

Part numbers

Part Number Size
4B0 601 170 60 mm.
4B0 601 170 A 68 mm.
8R0 601 165 -
You can of course find a lot more, but the above is the one I purchased myself.
I purchaed those on ebay by searching for the part numbers.