Rain & Light Sensor

Created by Fredrik Andersen - Friday, Oktober 16 2015, 11:17:56

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Hatchback (2003 - 2013)
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2004 - 2013)


It's probably the first time I've been happy to see it rain! I was on my way home after the retrofit and it started raining, my wipers automatically started. The light switch was on AUTO and all lights suddenly turned on, it was now dark outside. The retrofit also included automatic dimming of the rear center mirror.


Windshield installation: 3 hours
Other installation: 2-3 hours

Installation & Guide

The installation of the windshield was done at an authorized shop. All other installation was done by the user Discoboy from Vagcars.dk (Denmark)

Unfortunately I cannot help you with a guide, this is not an easy installation so I would recommend you use an authorized shop. You can however purchase a cablekit and now that I watched another person do the retrofit it do not look like an impossible job.


Automatic Rear Center Mirror Dimming
On the front of the mirror a on/off button is located. If the button is on, it is lid with green light, and will automatically dimm if dazzled.

Automatic Light Function
On the light switch, you will find a new setting named "AUTO". When this is selected, the rain/light sensor will automatically communicate to the car if it is dark outside or not, and control the interior lights. It can also control your daylights, but mine are still standard.

Rain Sensor
The stalk where you configure the wipers needs to be in position 1. Position 0 is default and where the wipers are OFF, Pull it up to enable. Position 1 is where you usually could configure the speed of the wipers, now you configure how sensitive the rain sensor should be.

Part numbers + Price

Description New Parts Original Parts Price Links
Mirror 4F0 857 511 E 1YE 8D0 857 511 A 1YE 67 € DBA
Mirror Covers (down) 4F0 857 593 F 1YE --------------- 0 € DBA
Mirror Covers (up) 4F0 857 593 G 4PK --------------- 5 € AZF
Sensor 8K0 955 559 D --------------- 150 € AZF
Retaining spring for sensor 4F0 907 671 B --------------- 3 € AZF
Gel pad for sensor 4E0 955 609 --------------- 17 € AZF
Lights switch 8P1 941 531 AA 5PR 8P1 941 531 Q 68 € AZF
Cable Kit 33788 --------------- 40 €
Windshield --------------- --------------- 201 €
Total Price 551 €
Above price is including shipping and installation. The cable kit was created by Discoboy but it can be purchased from Kufatec.