Created by Fredrik Andersen - Tuesday, February 14 2017, 09:36:51

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2004 - 2013)


I have from day number 1 wished for new split-leather seats instead of standard seats.

There have been quite a few up for sale here in Denmark but the prices was way too high compared to example Germany. I was looking around Europe but the inconveninece for picking up or shipping the seats kept pausing the purchase. I was by a forum user introduced to (ebay for Poland). This opened up for a lot of new options and I actually found a seller that had seats and black roof lining that he could bring to Sweden for pickup.


I installed the door panels, front seats, rear seats and the black roof lining at the same time.
About 12 hours.

Installation & Guide

No coding required.

1. Remove the old seats (I aso removed the roof lining at the same time). I did this the day before installing the new seats as this do take a good amount of time. I started with the seats, then plastics and roof lining.

2. Install the new parts. I started with the roof lining, then plastics and the seats.

- Front seats
- Rear seats
- Roof lining (PDF)
- Door Panels (See Guides)

Here is some pictures from the retrofit of seats and roof lining.

Part numbers + Price

Description Price Links
Seats 215 € Allegro
Shipping 50 €  
Total Price 265 €  
The shipping price was from Poland to Höganäs (Sweden), so I borrowed my parents VW Touran and took a ferry there to do the pick up. Included in the shipping cost was seats, door panels and a complete roof lining. The seller was tgi4 who speaks quite well english.