Puddle & Warning Lights

Created by Fredrik Andersen - Thursday, October 19 2017, 13:03:46

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2003 - 2013)
Audi A3 8P Hatchback (2004 - 2013)


It all started with the retrofit of footwell lights. I found a good offer from RobinA3 (Audi-Sport.net) who was selling complete retrofit kits. For an extra price I could include puddle and warning lights. Well, not that I had to wallet up, let's do it.


3-4 hours for all four doors.

Installation & Guide

As mentioned previously I purchased the full kit from Robin A3 which included harness and lights it made the retrofit so much easier. If I had to build the harness myself it would have taken ages.

See the retrofit guide here

Connection for door modules
Front door supply: pin 18
Front door earth: pin 19
Rear door supply: pin 1
Rear door earth: pin 2


1. 42-Door Elect. Driver
2. Coding - 07
3. Increase the value with 4
(Example: If the value is 0000560 change it to 0000624)

4. 52-Door Elect. Pass.
2. Coding - 07
3. Increase the value with 4

If you got a sportback (4-doors) you need to code the rear doors as well.

5. 62-Door, Rear Left
6. Coding - 07
7. Increase the value with 4

8. 72-Door, Rear Right
9. Coding - 07
10. Increase the value with 4


Well, there is no much to say about usage of lights but the retrofit do give you some extra light when stepping out from the car. The warning lights do have a good effect as it do warn people on bikes and other cars about the open door, especially when dark outside.

Part numbers + Price

Description New Parts Links
4x White Lamps 8E0 947 101 RobinA3
4x Red Lamps 6Y0 947 411 RobinA3
Cable Harness - RobinA3
RobinA3 was very nice to deal with and shipped the products after short time. He builds the cable kit himself so it looks 99% OEM.

After agreement with RobinA3 I will not mention any prices to this retrofit as his pricing may go up and down and might change depending on how many of your retrofit kits you purchase.