Created by Fredrik Andersen - Tuesday, March 18 2014, 16:27:06

After retrofitting my RNS-E, MFSW (Multifunction Steering Wheel) and Bluetooth I decided that my next project should be D.I.S. (Driver Information System) so I couls get all of my MFSW buttons in use and music/radio and navigation displayed in the cluster.

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Hatchback (2003 - 2013)
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2004 - 2013)

Installation + Coding

The installation of the new cluster was done by a user from AudiClub.dk (Denmark), Claus A3

Installation of the D.I.S. stalk was done by Cartrends.dk (Denmark)

Please be aware that there is very few people who can do the cluster installation when purchasing a second hand cluster.

If you need to ship the instrument to someone who can perform the coding, a video guide for remvoing the cluster is found below.


2 days

I delivered my car to Claus A3 in the morning and picked it up again late afternoon. Installing the D.I.S. stalk + coding only takes around 1 hour at Cartrends.dk


First you need to purchase a cluster, in my case I decided to go for a second hand because of the price.

Before purchasing the cluster, you need to make sure that it have the same specs as yours today, else it will display incorrect information.
- Maximum miles/kilometers displayed on the cluster.
- Look at where the red color starts on the tachometer.
- There is a difference, so if you have a diesel car, make sure to buy on that was on a diesel car before.

In my case I decided to look for a cluster that had been installed in a car with the exact same engine as mine. After that I had a part number and the search on the internet for the best price could begin.

NOTE: Below is all km/h (not mph)
Motor Color Part Number
1.4 TFSI, 1.8 TFSI, 1,6 FSI Hvid 8P0 920 931 T
1.9 TDI, 2.0 TDI Hvid 8P0 920 931 S
D.I.S. stalk:
I found a part number which could fit all A3 8P models from 2004 to 2013 (8P0 953 519 E). You could also use 8P0 953 519 A which fits models from 2004 to 2008 (before facelift). I am not 100% sure what the difference is but it could simply be the icons displayed on the stalk or so, which was the case for the cruise control stalk.


There is a lot of great features here, so I would recommend you to read your cars instruction manual, I have however decided to include a few of them below.

By clicking the "RESET" button you will change between Computer 1, Computer 2, Menu, Navigation, Speed. By clicking the up/down arrow buttons it will change between the different options for the chosen feature.

Computer 1: Displays the present drive:
- Km/l (100L) + average
- Km/t (MPH) + average
- Remaining km/miles till empty tank.

Computer 2: Displays your history drive:
- Km/l (100L) + average
- Km/t (MPH) + average
- Remaining km/miles till empty tank.

Menu: Gives you the option of choosing which information Computer 1+2 should include, settings, etc.

- When the navigation is active it will display next step, arrival time, remaining km/miles, etc.
- When the navigation is not active it will display which direction you are driving (east, west, etc.)

Km/t/Miles: Displays your present speed in digital text.

You can also click the "MODE" button on your multifunction steering wheel to change between the phonebook and your music/radio on the DIS.

Part numbers + Price

Description New Parts Original Parts Price
Cluster 8P0 920 931 T 8P0 920 901 J 215 €
FIS Stalk 8P0 953 519 E 8P0 953 519 37 €
Total Price     252 €
The above price is including shipping but not installation fees.
The cluster was a second hand purchase while the DIS stalk was purchased off ebay.