Wheel Bolt Covers

Created by Fredrik Andersen - Friday, Februar 13 2015, 14:11:27


When I purchased by own Audi A3 8P I got 4 included bolt covers for the safety bolts. Unfortunately I lost one and the plastic tool to remove the bolts was also in a bad condition.

I therefore started looking on ebay as I hoped to find a original solution from Audi. It was easy and I quickly found multiple sizes and colors. At the same time I found kits with not only 4 but a total of 20 covers. 16 pieces for the normal bolts and 4 for the safety bolts.

Please be aware that the correct size for Audi A3 8P bolts is 17 mm.

Part numbers + Price

Description New Parts Price Links
20x Black + tool 321 601 173 A 01C + 8D0 012 244 A 11 € ebay
20x Gray Metallic + tool 321 601 173 A Z37 + 8D0 012 244 A 11 € ebay
Please be aware that above prices is not including shipping.