Armrest Fix

Created by Fredrik Andersen - Thursday, april 22 2015, 16:18:32

This retrofit fits the following models:
Audi A3 8P Hatchback (2003 - 2013)
Audi A3 8P Sportback (2004 - 2013)


When I tried opening the armrest lid the other day the plastic latch broke. As a new lid id quite expensive I started looking for alternatives.


1 hour


Once the damage was done I started reading multiple forums and quickly figured out that I was not the only one experiencing the same issue.

Most forums described that it was not possible to purchase the plastic part alone, so most people tried gluing the plastic part together again. This did sound as a pretty good option but as I lost the metal clip once the plastic part broke I didn't see any other options than replacing the parts.

I therefore started looking for a new armrest lid as I was dreaming about a leather one with silver stitching. Audi Zentrum Flensburg unfortunately couldn't find the part number and no forums seems to be able to help me. I therefore started looking for other options on ebay.

On ebay I quickly located this article and I did also purchase it at the end.

If you however still have the metal clip, you can order this instead.

None of the two above parts are original Audi parts. There is a Audi logo printed into the plastics but it is no where the same as what I had. There is as well no part number, only a few strange digits. It did however fit perfectly and works like a charm.

When removing the old plastic from the armrest I found a part number on the inside, when I tried looking up that part number I figured out that it was for the entire lid. So it seems like it is not possible to order the plastic part and metal clip alone as original parts.


1. First you remove the lid from the armrest.

This is done by opening the lid and press the hinges. Press in on both sides and you will be able to remove it.

When you need to install it again later, it is the exact same procedure.
2. Find a screwdriver or something solid and thin. I actually found some butter knives which worked quite well. Begin in the right corner as seen on the picture.

I would recommend you to be two persons unless you got more than 2 hands. It is difficult to both hold the lid and work with it.
3. It looks pretty easy on pictures but I was so nervous of breaking something. I first tried with all other things than clothespins as I didn't have any by hand, but they honestly makes the job much easier.
4. Loosen the left side and add a clothespin, so they are sitting the same way as the picture displays.
5. When both clothespins are fitted there should be an okay view of where the old plastic was mounted. My opening was not as big as the image shows, but it was still okay to get the old leavings from the plastic part removed.
6. Now it is time to mount the new plastic part. If you look inside the armrest you will see a whole in each side. It seems like it is with a chrome edge. Here you should mount one of the plastic part legs.
7. Now mount the metal clip. It needs to be fitted as shown on the image but at the same time under the small piece of plastic on the bottom of the lid.

This needs to be done before leg 2 is mounted unless you have VERY small and strong fingers
8. After mounting the metal clip and the first leg, you can mount the second plastic leg. Make sure the metal clip is fitted correctly.

9. Install the lid on the armrest again.
All in all a much cheaper solution than purchasing a new armrest lid. However I didn't get my leather lid (yet).

I would however like to mention that it is no possible to find a lot of these clips on ebay today and also cheaper than the price I paid.


Description Price
Plastic + Metal Clip 25 €
Shipping 6 €
Total Price 31 €